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Our product development philosophy is to seamlessly blend old and modern technologies together, with the objective of providing a high level of listening enjoyment through new and innovative features.


An open mind, and a desire to go off the beaten path through original combinations of techniques, designs and components are the DNA of all our products.


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From the electronic schematics to the mechanical elements, Nimbus Audio products are entirely developed in-house at our manufacture in Switzerland. Modern EDA and mechanical design software are used at each step to ensure that every part, component and circuit meets our specifications.


Electronic boards assembly and testing are carried out at the manufacture, while CNC machining and mechanical parts finishing are performed by specialized partners and metal shops here in Switzerland.


To round up our capabilities, all embedded software components are developed and tested in-house.


​We don't believe that planned obsolescence or low lifespan electronic products should be part of our life, so Nimbus Audio designs only use components that offer the longest service life. We source our parts from the most reputable manufacturers and always select the best quality grades.


As audio transformers have a tremendous impact on the tonal characteristics of an amplifier, we have selected ours from the best Japanese and Swedish suppliers.


Last but not least: chassis materials such as aluminum panels are finished using long lasting, robust surface treatments.


​Electronics evolve constantly, and our products are designed to be easily upgradeable: circuit boards can be replaced individually and software can easily be upgraded to ensure your device remains up-to-date.


Of course, we continuously gather customer feedback or feature requests and when possible include those in future hardware or software revisions.


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